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Study Shows GenEon Technologies' Products Significantly Reduce Air and Surface Contaminants
November 03, 2021
A recent study by the DENTAL ADVISOR Microbiology Research Center found that the Trio Rx and the MIST, popular disinfecting products by GenEon Technologies, resulted in a significant reduction of bacteria in t...
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GenEon on EPA N List
GenEon Technologies Receives EPA List N Registration for its Disinfecting Solution
April 12, 2021
GenEon Technologies, LLC—a revolutionary, sustainable and toxic-free cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting solutions company—is excited to announce that it has received EPA List N Registration for its GenEon disinfecting solution.
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GenEon Makes a Donation to the US Green Chamber of Commerce
GenEon Makes a Donation to the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce
February 06, 2020
San Antonio, Texas – GenEon, long recognized as a leader in products that promote sustainability, safety for consumers, and safety for the environment, has made a donation to the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce (USGCC) to show support for...
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Cortland, GenEon Partner to Roll Out Toxic-Free Cleaning in More Than 125 Communities
June 20, 2019
Multifamily investment and management firm Cortland has partnered with ground-breaking cleaning and sanitizing products company GenEon to transition the vast majority of Cortland's communities to use only toxic-free cleaning products in ...
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GenEon Helps Billy Beez to Have Healthier Locations
Billy Beez Enlists the Help of GenEon to Make Its Facilities Healthier
June 18, 2019
Billy Beez, the ultimate indoor play park for kids and kids-at-heart, has enlisted the help of GenEon to create new standards of health and safety never before seen in the indoor play park industry. Now Billy Beez will be the ultimate pl...
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GenEon Techonologies in Hotel Business
GenEon's Non-Toxic and Sustainable Solutions Are Featured in Hotel Business
August 25, 2021
A recent article by Hotel Business titled GenEon offers non-toxic, sustainable cleaning solutions expands on our technology and solutions.
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WSBTV in Atlanta Features the Mercedes Benz Stadium Using GenEon Technologies
Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta uses GenEon Technologies Sanitizing Solutions
October 07, 2020
The Mercedes-Benz stadium has added drones to their sanitizing program, which includes daily cleaning using GenEon's ionized solution that kills harmful germs and bacteria, while being safe for humans. "This stadium is incredibly l...
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Hudson Elementary Uses GenEon OSG Techonology
As COVID-19 Cases Increased, Hudson Elementary Custodians Used GenEon OSG Technology
April 22, 2020
Hudson Elementary School used GenEon's OSG Technology before flu season and now again as COVID-19 cases increase.
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Partners In Progress Offers GenEon's OSG Technology To Its Customers
Partners In Progress Offers GenEon's OSG Technology to its Customers
March 19, 2020
The Partners In Progress janitorial division is offering GenEon's OSG Technology to its customers and also in its retail outlet.
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Fresno Airport Uses GenEon Technologies
Fresno's Airport Uses GenEon Technologies to Make Their Own Sanitizing Solutions to Keep it Clean Amid COVID-19 Concerns
March 17, 2020
Fresno Yosemite International Airport uses GenEon's On-site Generation technology and solutions to keep the facility clean and protected amid COVID-19 Concerns.
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