GenEon Presents Its New Genius of GenEon Virtual Experience

This new experience is open to the public and distributors interested in sustainable healthy cleaning solutions.
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SAN ANTONIO 05/05/2022 9:00 AM CST GenEon, a leading provider of eco-friendly products and sustainable cleaning and disinfecting systems, announced they've launched their new "Genius of GenEon" experience.

Person Holding Lightbulb Surrounded by Technology Innovation Icons To Symbolize Genius of GenEon Experience and Webinar
It's an interactive and educational community via GenEon's web platform that aims to educate the market, general public, and distributors about the efficiencies of utilizing sustainable cleaning and disinfecting solutions using the latest technology to exceed hygiene standards within buildings without risk.

The Genius of GenEon experience promotes healthier living and is against the use of harmful chemical disinfectants and cleaners. GenEon advocates that organizations use renewable and eco-friendly products that generate natural and safe cleaners and disinfectants on-site to help kill germs of concern.

The new Genius of GenEon experience lends a voice to industry speakers and experts via a series of webinars to raise awareness on establishing productive, cost-efficient, and safer cleaning practices. The Genius of GenEon webinars and events will be recorded for members to view at any time.

To kick off the launch of the Genius of GenEon, the Father of Green Cleaning, Steve Ashkin, will facilitate and co-host the first webinar called "The Future of Green Cleaning and Sustainable Organizations Post-Covid." Ashkin brings over 40 years of environmental activism to the table and has a long list of activities, accomplishments, and awards under his name.

Exterior Building Showing Steve Ashkin Headshot Facilitating Future of Green Cleaning and Sustainable Organizations Post-Covid Webinar
GenEon's Co-founder and VP of Client Services, Syd Williams, said, "We're excited to have the Father of Green Cleaning kickstart the Genius of GenEon experience. This interactive community we've launched will help shape the cleaning industry to go beyond green products and become sustainable companies themselves."

The Genius of GenEon requires registration on the GenEon website and provides free access to this exclusive community where attendees will be able to network with each other, distributors, or those in the industry, and inquire about current and upcoming GenEon products and solutions, emerging cleaning technologies, and so much more.

For 10+ years, GenEon has been focused on the wellness of communities nationwide, and for the right reasons. The company states that there was much to be learned from the pandemic as it relates to how society cleans, sanitizes, and disinfects and the negative impact pathogens and harsh chemicals have on one's overall health.

To reach states of complete and excellent physical, mental, and social well-being, all organizations should strive to create healthy, high-performing environments where people spend most of their time. The Genius of GenEon experience is an online platform that focuses on these key issues to ultimately and positively support the well-being of others using only sustainable methods that preserve and replenish natural resources.

The company firmly supports that having excellent health is beneficial for both economic and business developments. GenEon strongly believes that sustainability and improving profitability are not mutually exclusive. They've proved their business model effortlessly on what their products and solutions can do for many enterprises, institutions, and facilities across the country.

GenEon has helped countless organizations cut costs drastically with their products that produce cleaners, degreasers, sanitizers, and disinfectants on-site. For example, the company helped Georgia Tech reduce its chemical cleaning products and spending by 90.7%. The university saved roughly $300,000 a year after its custodial staff switched to using GenEon's eco-friendly and sustainable products.

The company's products and solutions are made via Electrochemical Activation technology. GenEon's cleaning systems combine water, electricity, and GenEon's Mineral Electrolyte product to create cleaners, degreasers, sanitizers, and disinfectants, which are more effective and safer than traditional chemicals. The company's Mineral Electrolyte is registered to kill the human coronavirus and is on the EPA List N registration (91112-2). All of GenEon's products do not contain harsh chemicals or fumes and do not leave behind harmful residues.

GenEon's mission with its new web experience is to fundamentally change the cleaning industry as well as assist institutions, organizations, and companies with their cleaning programs to prioritize and preserve its occupants' and the environment's health at the same time.

The Genius of GenEon is now open to the public and welcomes them and facility maintenance distributors to register to the company's interactive web platform. GenEon will announce the premiere of the Genius of GenEon experience in the very near future. Those interested in learning more can visit GenEon Technologies or call 866.217.0205 to learn more about their innovative solutions.

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