It is estimated that the public school system in the U.S. is underfunded each year by as much as $10 billion. This makes strict budgets a high priority for many public schools that struggle each year to find enough funding. One effective way for schools to reform their budget is through their choice of green cleaning supplies. GenEon technologies can save money for anyone on a budget by providing sustainable cleaning and sanitizing supplies as an alternative to more expensive harsh chemical cleaners.

GenEon Technology is proudly innovative, utilizing renewable technology for all cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting requirements that your educational institution needs to maintain the health and safety of all who walk through its doors.

Consider this quote from Green Schools Initiative: Cleaning for Asthma Safe Schools

"The California Air Resources Board has found significant environmental health concerns in many of California's classrooms that stem from the very products used to keep schools clean. As a result, school children and staff are unnecessarily exposed to chemicals commonly found in traditional cleaning products that have been linked to asthma and cancer."

Environmentally friendly, green cleaning supplies are important to the future of our planet and where better than to begin showcasing environmental responsibility but in classrooms of all sizes! GenEon products are ideal for the classroom. They are safe, free of toxic chemicals and are sustainable. All very important points for today's children and youth. We're teaching our children to be the guardians of our planet and we also need to be backing that up with responsible choices in green cleaning supplies. Take your green initiatives to the next level with our green cleaning supplies. Your school community will be very happy with the results.

GenEon products are a perfect way to save money because they are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. These savings do not come at a cost to safety either. Lab tests have shown that GenEon solutions kill greater 99.999% of harmful germs to keep all students, staff, custodian and the school environment safer and healthier.

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