Long Term Assisted Living

With an aging U.S. population, long-term assisted care centers are experiencing an increase in occupancy and demand for high-quality care. These centers must account for the growing presence of respiratory illnesses among patients and must make prevention and control of outbreaks a top priority because the residents have a greater susceptibility to infection. GenEon Technology's commercial cleaning supplies are the perfect choice for long term assisted living centers and other healthcare facilities such as nursing homes and hospitals. In addition to being safe for people, animals and plants our cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting solutions are extremely effective in eliminating greater than 99.999% of common germs in less than 30 seconds. This includes healthcare concerning bacteria such as Listeria, MRSA, Staph, VRE, Pseudomonas, Norovirus, Salmonella, and E.coli O157:H7, Bacillus subtilis, Polio, Bacteriophage, and TB.

GenEon products offer the perfect combination of germ-killing power to keep patients safe from germs like norovirus and c.diff, and our commercial cleaning supplies reduce the risk of any exposure to harmful toxins and VOCs that could impact the residential environment. Products like the TRIO Rx, Mist, and InstaFlow are ideal choices for these types of high demand environments.

GenEon Technology believes in safety and to that end our solutions are color coded for easy use by anyone. This reduces the possibility of misuse or damage to any surfaces if an employee was to misread or misunderstand the wording of one of our cleaning supplies. Instead, our simple color-coded system allows for straightforward communication to users. Our products are easily used by any cleaning staff team or by an outsourced cleaning company.

GenEon's commercial cleaning supplies will help your assisted care center operate more efficiently and effectively.

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