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The Only Portable, On-Site Generator of Patented Blended-Stream, Electro-Chemical Activated (ECA) Water Technology.
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Dependable germ, spore, virus and bacteria killing power is essential to effective cleaning supplies or sanitizing products used in a professional cleaning environment. Effectively degreasing and sanitizing all surfaces is crucial for maintaining your business's reputation and for ensuring the safety of your customers. These needs all have one simple solution. GenEon solutions offer safe, effective, and powerful cleaning products that meet any needs demanded by your industry.

At GenEon, we take our germ killing ability seriously. Laboratory tests in accordance with the AOAC protocols have determined that GenEon solutions kill greater than 99.999% of common germs in less than 30 seconds. This includes concerning bacteria such as Listeria, MRSA, Staph, VRE, Pseudomonas, Norovirus, Salmonella, E.coli O157:H7, Bacillus subtilis, Polio, Bacteriophage, and TB. Even though GenEon solutions are powerful enough to eliminate these harmful germs they are still safe for people and for use on almost every surface. Lack of exposure to harmful chemicals greatly reduces the risk of health problems being experienced by your employees and clients. This means more productive employees, more satisfied clients, and a more efficiently run business operation for you.

Businesses are in need of high-quality industrial cleaning supplies all around the world. We recognize this at GenEon and have adapted our products to eliminate the possibility of any communication barriers arising from the international presence of our company that may impact the safe or effective use of our products. Instead of all possible users needing to be instructed on the specific wording of our products in the already busy environment of a professional cleaning business, GenEon solutions are color coded for easy use by anyone. This reduces the possibility of misuse or damage to any surfaces if an employee was to misread or misunderstand the wording of one of our cleaning supplies. Instead, our simple color-coded system allows for straightforward communication to users everywhere so that less effort is needed to remember product names and more time can be spent on productive tasks.

GenEon's nontoxic industrial cleaning supplies and products are already the most cost effective cleaning option for any industry because they efficiently produce only the amount of solution that is needed on-site and without any wasted resources. In addition to this wallet-friendly technology, portable GenEon industrial cleaning supplies and products allow for one unit to service the cleaning needs of an entire school that may have a limited budget. The portability of these products means there is no need for several wall mounted units in situations where saving money is a priority. More demanding environments, however, can take advantage of the efficient and easy to use system that allows for flexibility in its installation and offers maximum productivity where it is needed most.

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