Gas Stations

Gas stations and freeway rest stops are extremely high traffic areas that require supremely effective and efficient cleaning and sanitizing practices. GenEon products and bathroom cleaning solutions are the answer for maintaining the highest degree of cleanliness, sanitization, and disinfection in the busiest of centers with the least impact on the visitors, cleaning staff and the environment.

Laboratory tests in accordance with the AOAC protocals have determined that GenEon solutions kill greater than 99.999% of common germs in less than 30 seconds. Even though GenEon products and bathroom cleaning solutions are powerful enough to eliminate harmful germs, they are safe for people, food products, and can be used on almost every surface. Lack of exposure to harmful chemicals greatly reduces the risk of health problems being experienced by employees and customers. This means more productive employees, more satisfied customers, and a more efficiently run business.

Having a simple cleaning system is also important for maintaining consistency and limiting confusion among the various employees who are responsible for different cleaning tasks. GenEon's color-coded system makes the entire process as easy as possible and reduces the risk of misusing or overusing a product. Our unique solutions are also safe against exposure to all customers, staff, and food products, yet have the same cleaning power as traditional chemical cleaners.

GenEon Products

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