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Cruise lines certainly have quite the task before them when it comes to keeping their ships 'ship-shape'! Guests demand and expect top-notch service in all areas; the cleanliness of the ship is absolutely no exception. It's no small feat to keep the ship sparkling and guests and staff alike safe and satisfied. A very large area to keep clean, sanitized and disinfected, coupled with the issue of extremely limited storage for hazardous chemicals (who wants that onboard anyway?), means that cruise lines cannot take their cleaning needs lightly. From heavy duty glass cleaner to safe non-toxic solutions for all cruise line cleaning requirements, GenEon products are the best choice. We offer high quality, eco-friendly cleaning products that efficiently and safely service large, high-demand high-traffic areas. GenEon sanitizing and disinfecting solutions are proven to kill harmful and hard to eliminate germs like norovirus. Testing runs at nationally recognized labs in accordance with AOAC protocol and GLP procedures confirm that GenEon solution kills 99.999% of common germs in less than 60 seconds. In addition to the high-powered disinfectant properties of GenEon products, they are also safe for virtually all surfaces as well as people, pets, and plants.

GenEon products are not only ideal for keeping costs low and efficiency up, but their eco-friendly technology and chemical free solutions are the safest possible option for large businesses like cruise ships. Exposing cleaning staff and guests to harsh cleaning supplies every day can be dangerous and costly. GenEon solutions are the answer to all of your cleaning requirements and safety concerns. Additionally, the compact design will allow you to reduce your on-board inventory of chemicals and allow you to use that valuable space for other purposes.

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