Convention Centers

Making guests feel comfortable is important for any successful convention center. It's easy to maintain a clean and sparkling environment with GenEon cleaning and sanitizing products right down to glass cleaning solutions to maximize efficiency and safety without sacrificing any glitz and glamor.

GenEon products are not only ideal for keeping costs low and efficiency up, but GenEon Technology has developed renewable technology solutions for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting that are also environmentally friendly and toxic-free. Our products are the safest possible option for large businesses such as convention centers. Exposing guests and cleaning staff to large amounts of harsh cleaning supplies can be dangerous and costly for the enterprise in the long term. Eliminate this risk and its' associated costs - GenEon solutions are the answer to all of your cleaning needs and safety concerns.

Your cleaning team will be very happy with the switch to GenEon products. Your facility maintenance teams are constantly exposed to dangerous chemicals that, when used incorrectly, can result in real and lasting harm to the employee and to the area being cleaned. GenEon has developed an easy to use color-coded system that removes the potential for any harm at all.

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