Retail food facilities such as grocery stores must be uber clean, sanitized and disinfected to maintain the health of staff and customers but also to continue to encourage customers to continue to shop at your grocery store, competition is high and your customers vote with their feet. Effective and efficient cleaning, sanitizing and disinfectging practices are essential, but do you really want to be using dangerous, toxic chemicals around your food products? Your customers expect a clean store but they also have the highest expectation of safe food. GenEon Technology has developed products that redefine what clean means and more importantly takes safety to the highest level. Utilizing specialized water cleaning solutions and new technology GenEon products are safe for use around people, pets, plants and food.

GenEon's takes safety seruiously and in addition to being safe for use around food products GenEon products use a color-coded system makes the entire process as easy as possible and reduces the risk of misusing or overusing a product. Having a simple cleaning system is also important for maintaining consistency and limiting confusion amongst the various employees who are responsible for different cleaning tasks. Our unique solutions are also safe for exposure to all customers, staff, and food products with the same cleaning power as traditional chemical cleaners. Additionally, our solutions kill greater than 99.999% of harmful germs like listeria, e.coli, salmonella, etc. without harming or compromising your produce. Our water cleaning solutions are perfect for use in your grocery store.

View UGA Study Using GenEon Sanitizing Solution on Fresh Produce

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