Just as hospitals demand the highest quality cleaning supplies for their patients and staff, veterinary clinics are no different. No matter who your patients are, whether they walk on two legs or four or even slither, safety is essential. No less important are the environmental impacts and the more immediate health concerns of using toxic chemicals for cleaning.  That's why GenEon products are a fantastic choice for green cleaning supplies for use in veterinary clinics and hospitals.

Reducing the spread of infection through effective cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting methods can be the difference between health and illness and life and death. Traditional chemical cleaners can harm our pets not to mention the wonderful veterinarians and staff to whom we entrust with our furry family members care. Green cleaning solutions are available for the veterinary sector. Our green cleaning solutions are as effective (or more so) than harsh chemicals and are better for everyone whether they are on two legs or four!

GenEon solutions have been proven to kill greater than 99.999% of all germs and bacteria that are harmful to people and pets. Our products are safe for use on any surface while reducing waste and not breaking your budget. Our products are also easy and safe to store. Since they aren't bulky and cumbersome, you may even find that you are able to free up your chemical storage area and put that space to better use.

Safety is a top priority for GenEon. That includes the handling of our products by a user. Typically, when using chemical cleaners you have to store, mix and dispense various amounts of toxic chemicals, there is a lot of room for error and consequently for harm to people, pets, surfaces and equipment. GenEon's green cleaning solutions are color-coded for easy use by anyone. This reduces the possibility of misuse or damage to any surface if an employee was to misread or misunderstand the wording of one of our cleaning supplies.

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