On-Site Generating Technologies

On-Site Generators (OSG) allow users to create cleaning, degreasing, sanitizing and disinfection solutions they need on-site, eliminating transportation and inventory of harmful chemicals. On-Site Generators are not new. Many people are familiar with them and have heard of them in different context. For example, solar panels on roofs, geothermal energy, and electric cars all fall into the category of On-Site Generators. Blended Stream On-Site Generators like GenEon Technologies' green cleaning. Sanitizing and disinfecting products, are environmentally sustainable since it uses only natural renewable resources and does not generate a waste stream.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted in their Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities, 2008 noted "...the concept of electrolyzing saline to create antiseptics or a disinfectant is appealing because the basic ingredients (salt and tap water) are inexpensive and the end product does not damage the environment..."

Solutions generated from On-Site Generators like GenEon's can and are being used in:

Health Care:
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces
  • Treat burns and other wounds
  • Disinfect equipment
  • To clean and disinfect classrooms, bathrooms, gym mats, etc.
Grocery Stores:
  • To sanitize produce and food preparation surfaces.
Dairy Farms:
  • To treat udders on dairy cows and to eliminate germs that are harmful to the herd.
Poultry Farms:
  • Used instead of antibiotics, also helping to eliminate germs that are harmful to the flock.
Food Production:
  • Used to sanitize produce to reduce the risk of E.coli, listeria and other harmful germs and bacteria.
OSG Technologies can benefit your organization in numerous ways, below we highlight a few:
  • Significantly reduces your end use cost, reduces shipping, inventory, disposal and other associated costs.
  • Reduces workers compensation claims, reduces and or eliminates damages to surfaces, safer for your staff, guests, students and environment.
  • Utilizes renewable, natural and safe ingredients. Additionally, GenEon's Blended Stream OSG technology does not generate a waste stream that could be harmful to the environment like other Split Stream OSG Systems.
  • Easy for everyone to use for the quick and effective elimination of harmful germs. Our unique color coded solutions reduce the possibility of incorrect use and organizations and custodians do not need to change their current process.
How is GenEon's OSG Technology different from the other OSG Products?
  • GenEon's patented Blended Stream technologies reduce water consumption and eliminate waste.
  • All of the minerals are food safe, and we manage the supply chain - so you can expect a consistent, high-quality solution.
  • Broad Product Offering - GenEon's products run the gamut from Table Tops to Wall Mounted to Portable systems.
  • GenEon's unique solutions can work on any surfaces.
  • GenEon's products are cost effective and affordable.
  • GenEon's OSG products have been tested by numerous 3rd party labs, including NSF, ETL, TURI and numerous microbiological testing labs and universities in the U.S. and around the world.

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