Study Shows GenEon Technologies' Products Significantly Reduce Air and Surface Contaminants

Data from the study showed trends of overall bacterial load reduction after the conjunctive use of GenEon's EPA Registered disinfecting solution made by the TRIO Rx™ and MIST following aerosol-generating clinical procedures.
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A recent study by the DENTAL ADVISOR Microbiology Research Center found that the Trio Rx and the MIST, popular disinfecting products by GenEon Technologies, resulted in a significant reduction of bacteria in the air and on surfaces in high-risk areas when the products are used together.

The TRIO Rx is a compact, on-site generating system that creates a cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing hypochlorous acid solution greater than 1000 ppm. All that is needed is GenEon's EPA registered proprietary Mineral Electrolyte packet and water. This solution has received EPA List N registration, classifying it as a product determined to kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) on surfaces.

The MIST is a handheld sprayer/blower with an adjustable flow rate that is filled with the disinfecting solution produced by the TRIO Rx™, allowing for contactless cleaning and disinfecting in three minutes or less.

Study Shows Bacterial Reduction with GenEon Technologies
The study was conducted at a medical facility after clinical aerosol-generating procedures had been performed with six different patients. After each patients' procedure, samples were taken from clinical equipment, the armrest of the patient's chair, and the air. The samples were tested to find out the bacterial load amount, and then the room was sprayed down using the MIST with the disinfecting solution made from the TRIO Rx™.

After the room was sprayed, a second set of samples was taken and retested. This process was repeated six times in between patients. The data was analyzed, and the numbers on the samples collected were significantly lower on surfaces and in the air after GenEon's disinfecting solution and the MIST had been used to disinfect the room.

"It is extremely rewarding to have the efficacy of our products further validated by this study," said Larry Smith, GenEon's Vice President of Sales. "Our products are truly revolutionizing the cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting industry by providing sustainable options that work. This study further proves that there are better ways to protect against harmful pathogens than by using harsh chemicals, which have been proven to cause a multitude of adverse health effects."

The mission of GenEon Technologies is to develop products, systems and solutions that help customers and business partners transition to a world where sustainable and toxic-free cleaning is the new norm for safe, superior, and cost-effective results. The company is continuously working to develop unique innovations that support these objectives. Whether a client needs products to clean or eliminate bacteria and other harmful pathogens to create a healthier environment, GenEon Technologies has the solution.

Syd Williams, GenEon's Co-Founder and Vice President of Client Services, says the company's solutions are an ideal, fast-responder to kill bacteria and viruses in large areas and support a wide variety of industries, including: schools and university facilities, daycares, dental offices, janitorial, environmental service, veterinary, food service, medical/healthcare, commercial food production, dairy production, hospitality/lodging/cruise ships, and many more. The company's disinfectant and cleaning solutions are effective for high-touch areas and surfaces, including door handles, tabletops, countertops, television remotes, chairs, headboards, bathrooms, sinks, exterior of urinals, walls, emergency rooms, operatory, examination rooms, wheelchairs, toys, playpens, keyboards, IV poles, stretchers, washbasins, water fountains, diaper changing tables, and more.

GenEon is rapidly becoming recognized as the place to go for safe cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting solutions for the professional and consumer markets. The company creates solutions utilizing Electrochemical Activation technology (ECA), which is recognized worldwide to be sustainable, more effective, and safer than traditional chemicals and disinfectants.

GenEon's solutions are comprised of natural minerals, water, and energy – the ideal solution for commercial and professional operations so they can meet and exceed health and safety standards since they are non-toxic and have little to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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