What Is Activated Water?

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Activated water is another way of saying electrochemically activated water or electrolyzed water. At GenEon, we specialize in safe cleaners and non-toxic sanitizers and disinfectants made using activated water. More specifically, our products are made through a technology called on-site generation, which uses natural minerals, water, and electricity to create cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products on the spot, wherever you are and wherever you need them. The resulting products are eco-friendly and sustainable. GenEon is the leader in on-site generation technology and activated water cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products.

GenEon's Activated Water Solutions

How Does On-Site Generation Work?

It isn't as complex as you might think. In fact, the process is fairly straightforward, which is why you know you're getting products that live up to its claim. GenEon cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products are non-toxic and safe for the environment. Our on-site generation technology ensures you get products that are more powerful than even bleach, capable of killing most germs and bacteria in seconds.

Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Products Made with Activated Water
Activated water, or more appropriately, electrochemical activation (ECA) works like this. One of the natural minerals GenEon uses as a catalyst is salt, which is a compound comprised of sodium and chloride. During the process, sodium ions are positively charged and chloride ions are negatively charged. Our onsite generators expose these ions to a low electrical charge. The positive side of the charge electrochemically converts the chloride ion (Cl) to hypochlorous acid (HOCl), a powerful sanitizer. The negative side of the charge electrochemically converts the sodium ion (Na) into sodium hydroxide (NaOH), a cleaning compound often found in soaps and detergents. What makes our system different from others is that our system is a Blended Stream System that uses both versions in the same solution. The hypochlorous solution is represented as Free Available Chlorine (FAC) with 80-200 times the power of chlorine bleach. This is produced at a near neutral pH, so there is no bleaching of clothes or furniture.

All of this means you can kill germs and bacteria more effectively with GenEon products while not causing harm to people or the planet. That's great news. There's no doubt that many of the cleaning products contain harmful chemicals. According to the CDC, many of the cleaners and disinfectants we use regularly are harming us, and in some cases, slowly killing us. Some of these products have been complicit in birth defects, ADHD, autism, asthma, allergies, respiratory disease, and even cancer. A recent study from Norway's University of Bergen studied 6,235 people over 20 years and concluded that the regular use of cleaning sprays is as harmful to lungs as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 10 to 20 years. These are pretty frightening statistics. This isn't even taking into account how the use and disposal of these products is causing damage to our eco-system. At GenEon, we've always believed in developing products that aren't harmful, are cost-effective, and promote the long-term integrity of our planet.

Kill Germs with GenEon's Activated Water Based Products
GenEon's ECA disinfectant kills most bacteria in seconds, not several minutes like many dangerous store-bought products. When we say it kills most bacteria, we mean even some extremely nasty ones like E.coli, MRSA, and norovirus, and it does it without leaving any dangerous chemical residue, harmful fumes, VOCs, or fragrances. There are many other advantages to using electrochemically activated water and on-site generation technology (OSG). Here are just a few.

  • Products created on site and on demand.
  • No need to constantly reorder cleaning products.
  • Minimal training requirements.
  • Eliminates mixing, which reduces accidents.
  • No need to store harmful chemicals cleaners.
  • Reduces potentially harmful exposure to employees, decreasing the rate of absenteeism and of workers compensation claims.
  • Saves money because of less water use and less waste.

GenEon Kills Bacteria Effectively with its Activated Water Products
GenEon offers OSG technology for both residential and commercial settings, along with advanced systems for distributing our products evenly. Our Trio + and Trio Maxx systems are compact electro-chemical activation systems used with our cleaning catalysts to make powerful disinfecting products on demand. If you're looking for something more portable and compact, the Trio + and Trio Maxx is the perfect way to generate our sustainable cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products. For high volume cleaning products without taking up space, we recommend our Instaflow chemical activation technology.

Advanced delivery systems like the Mist/ bMist are the perfect way to clean and sanitize large areas in commercial settings. This misting system ensures even distribution of our proprietary sanitizers and disinfectants over all surfaces and even hard-to-reach areas. With our advanced delivery systems and less toxic disinfecting solutions, you will never need to resort to bleach and other harmful chemicals again.

Join us in our efforts to provide safer, more effective ways to clean, sanitize, and disinfect without bleach and other harmful chemicals. To learn more about our safer alternative to commercial cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products, call us at 866.217.0205.

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