One Device. Three Solutions.
Our Trio+™ and Maxx™ table-top devices will satisfy your institutional cleaning needs with a never before seen level of versatility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. This genuine innovation makes the right amount of safe, sustainable, cleaning and sanitizing solutions – whenever it is needed, in a compact unit. Best of all, there is no need to organize and maneuver numerous chemicals around in order to effectively clean, degrease, and sanitize your establishment.

GenEon Technologies' innovative line of products allows you to clean, degrease, sanitize, and disinfect without any toxicity or breaking the bank.
What Others Are Saying

"We installed out first Insta-Flow a little over two months ago at Springdale Park E.S. The building is cleaned by in-house staff during the day and contracted custodial staff at night. We held a meeting with both groups after the 2 month mark. Our in-house staff loved all the chemicals (couldn't say enough about the glass cleaner) and said that the Insta-Flow chemicals performed better than the chemicals we were previously providing. The contracted staff supported the claims of our in-house staff; they love the chemicals.

Our in-house staff also commented on how the chemicals didn't dry their skin out.

We are testing an additional unit at another school with a different set of in-house and contracted staff. If we achieve the same results we will be rolling this out to the entire district."

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Proven Results
Why Trio+ & Trio Maxx™
  • Portable Table-Top
  • Makes up to ½ gallon of solution at a time
  • Truly sustainable solutions
  • Reduces cost
  • Increases safety for staff and guest
  • Creates GenEon Sanitizing, Cleaning and Degreasing Solutions
  • Solutions will quickly and effectively destroy harmful germs
  • Low to NO VOC
  • Eliminates need for storing large amounts of chemicals
Where is it used?
GenEon's Trio Maxx can support a wide variety of industries and is ideal for Janitorial, Environmental Service, Food Service, Medical/Healthcare, Hospitality/Lodging/Cruise Ships, Residential Cleaners, Schools, Daycares, and many more.
Innovative Solutions
How it Works

Our Trio+™ and Maxx devices simply, safely, and effectively provide all the solutions you need to clean, degrease, sanitize/disinfect your environment.

GenEon's on-site production technology provides a competitive advantage in terms of product efficiency, eco-friendliness, and simplicity. Every aspect of GenEon's products benefits customers in unparalleled ways.

Glass & General Purpose
When the Glass and General Purpose Catalyst is activated it produces a cleaner that is effective as the leading Glass and GP Cleaners per TURI.
Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaner
When GenEon's Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaning Catalyst is activated it produces a cleaner that is effective against hard to clean spoilage per TURI.
When GenEon Sanitizing/Disinfecting Electrolyte is activated it produces a solution that is effective against a host of germs.