On-Site Generation: The Latest Eco-Friendly and Toxic Free Cleaning Trend

September 24, 2018 Leave a Comment

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GenEon's Products Are Eco-Friendly and Toxic Free Family
As a species, human beings have spent decades doing things that are harmful not only to our health and safety but to the health of the planet we live on as well. One of the biggest mistakes we've made is creating, using, and storing harsh products of all kinds that lead to a myriad of environmental and health concerns. In short, we are dumping pollutants of all kinds into our rivers and streams, into the earth, and into the air we breathe. Those mistakes are gradually catching up to us and having negative consequences that will eventually cause irreversible damage to our environment.

The Dangers of Chemicals in Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions are used every day throughout the world. Glass cleaners, sanitizers, tile and floor cleaners, waxes and polishing agents, dish soaps, general purpose cleaners, and many other specialized cleaners. Cleaning products like these are used by many people who are not aware of, or disregard, the negative impact they can have on the environment, people, and wildlife.

GenEon's Product Family
A great deal of the cleaners we use regularly are made up of chemicals that can cause harm to humans, pets, plants, our water bodies, and the very air we breathe. According to The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), these chemical cleaners contain "volatile organic compounds" (VOCs) and are categorized as such. Some of the chemicals found frequently in cleaning solutions and that fit into the EPA classification of "volatile organic compounds" include phosphorous, nitrogen, and ammonia. These are just some examples of the toxic chemicals contained in the cleaning agents we use and store all over the world.

As we've already pointed out, the EPA has classified phosphorus, nitrogen, ammonia, and other chemicals as volatile organic compounds. These chemicals are extreme environmental hazards and are found in many types of cleaning solutions. Dishwasher detergents, for instance, are composed of 30 to 40 percent phosphorus. Ammonia, used as a multi-purpose household cleaner, can be found in numerous cleaning products, particularly sanitizing products, degreasing products, and window and glass cleaners. It can be used to remove grease and stains, to whiten clothes, and as a disinfectant. Nitrogen can be found in many types of window cleaners and products used for cleaning a multitude of surfaces.

GenEon's Product Family
There are a number of ways these harmful chemicals can make their way into the environment. Think about this. When you use these harsh chemical cleaners in your sinks, in your toilets, when you wash dishes in a sink or dishwasher, or when you apply cleaners to your carpet, all of that chemically-filled water has to go somewhere, and it does. It gets rinsed straight down your drains, which then goes to water treatment facilities. Many of the contaminants are removed during this water treating process, then it eventually goes to rivers and lakes. Unfortunately, not all of the dangerous contaminants from chemical products are taken out. Gradually, the chemicals build up and can have a huge negative effect on the environment, including plant and animal life as well as the integrity of the water body itself.

Another thing that can happen, and something many people don't even consider, is that some of the compounds in the cleaners can speed up the growth of plants and create thick vegetation that could interfere with the natural order of things because the thick vegetation can hinder or completely block access to bodies of water, thereby negatively impacting wildlife and other marine plants. This vegetation, when it dies out, depletes oxygen in the water, causing mass algae growth. Animals and marine life that rely on the water and surrounding terrain for life can die off as well. Eventually, the water will no longer be viable for drinking or even swimming in.

Chemicals in household cleaners classified as volatile organic compounds harm our air quality as well. VOCs can pose health hazards and threats to your family when they are used frequently and together, allowing the VOCs to affect the quality of the air in your house. When you open windows to air out your house, you only send the problem outside. According to the EPA, VOCs are part of the reason we have so much smog. This has created issues so dangerous that some cities have introduced legislative plans to restrict VOC levels and even ban products that contain them. California's Air Resources Board, for instance, set acceptable limits for offending chemicals in the California Consumer Products regulations.

A New and Safe Trend in Cleaner, Safer Living

Chemically-enhanced cleaners are found in homes, public access areas such as shopping malls, in the workplace, and around our children in schools. These chemicals are not only used throughout these areas, they are also stored on site, creating health and safety issues that range from fire hazards all the way to health issues that can include eye and skin irritation or even poisoning should a baby or toddler get access to them. It's clear we need a better way to store and use cleaning products, but to do that, there needs to be a better cleaning product available.

Our On-Site Generation Helps Cleaning and Sanitizing
Fortunately, GenEon cares about these issues as much as you do. This is why we are leading the pack when it comes to the latest eco-friendly and virtually toxic free cleaning trend with a technology called on-site generation. On-site generation allows you to create cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting solutions that are cost-effective, require no storage of solutions containing harmful chemicals, and come in a range of product types that let you handle any kind of cleaning situation you face in any environment.

What is On-Site Generation?

On-site generation isn't just a trend to us. We have been the leader in safe, non-toxic cleaners and on-site generation for years. There simply isn't a better, safer, more efficient way to use and store cleaning products than by using our on-site generation technology. On-Site Generators (OSG) let consumers make the cleaning, degreasing, sanitizing, and disinfecting solutions they need where they need them, on-site. There are no costly manufacturing processes or costly manufacturing equipment involved.

How GenEón's On-Site Generation Works
The cost it requires to turn your facility or home into a healthy, eco-friendly safe zone is minimal and will more than pay for itself when you consider the benefits:
  • No transportation costs
  • No storage of unsafe chemicals
  • Convenient
  • Cost-effective and affordable(make only what you need when you need it)
  • Re-use of sprayer bottles
  • Reduces water consumption and eliminates waste
  • Safe for people, pets, and the environment
When you generate your environmentally friendly cleaning solutions on-site using GenEon cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting technology, there is no need to worry about transporting hazardous chemicals and no need to keep unsafe chemicals in your home, school, or workplace. With our technology, creating your own non-toxic cleaning solutions is as easy as it gets. Our on-site generation technology is easy to use and a game-changer when it comes to eco-friendly cleaning technology. Whether you need window cleaners, degreasers, sanitizers, or general-purpose cleaners, GenEon offers the right cleaning solution for any job.

GenEon on-site generation is a great way to clean, sanitize, and disinfect small or large areas safely. Trio H2Ome generates non-toxic cleaning solutions that can be used as a sanitizer, glass cleaner, a heavy-duty cleaner, or a degreasing solution. With this device and our proprietary catalysts, you can harness the power of natural minerals to make all of your cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting solutions. This technology is environmentally friendly, safe for people and pets, and will save you a great deal of money. For larger, commercial, more open areas, the Mist sprayer/blower delivery system allows you to disperse the cleaning solutions you generate on-site in a safe, effective manner. When used in conjunction with our on-site generated cleaning, sanitizing, degreasing products, this system offers the ideal way to clean effectively while being mindful of the environment and the health of the people around you.

All of our cleaning solutions are easy to make and our Electrolytes and catalysts are made from food-based additives and natural minerals, classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the U.S. FDA. With our range of on-site generation devices, natural minerals, tap water, and a catalyst (the foundation that reacts with our OSG to make the solutions), you can quickly make your own powerful cleaning solutions at a fraction of what you spend on harsh store-bought cleaners. At GenEon, we believe protecting your family, your workplace, and the environment starts with the companies that manufacture the products you use to clean with. That's why we only have natural, sustainable products that don't create a waste stream. The future of our planet and the safety of your loved ones are at stake. Here at GenEon, we want to be a part of building a better planet through responsible living.

For more information about GenEon cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting solutions, give us a call at 866.217.0205. We can work together to do our part in changing the future for the better.

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