Making Our Schools A Safer Place

November 13, 2015 Leave a Comment

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CleanSchools are a place where our children spend their days learning and making friends in their formative years. For this critical environment to be successful, it is essential that not only the custodial staff, but teachers, children, and parents take an active role in maintaining safe and healthy schools. Not only are schools the perfect place for germs and bacteria to thrive, but the spread of germs within them can have a devastating effect on the education process in a community. To help you prevent absenteeism and teachers having to take extended sick leave, or even schools being shut down altogether, here are some tips for staying germ-free this school year. Parents and school staff should share these tips with kids.

Germ HotspotsIn general, it is a good idea to keep all surfaces clean and regularly wash your hands. To be more specific, however, there are a few areas of the school that your child should be particularly wary of. Most notably, these include the bathrooms, door handles, water fountains, and even cafeteria/lunch room. These areas have one important thing in common; they are where germs have ample opportunity to enter into your child's bodies. So remember, wash your hands before and after you eat, and never put your mouth directly on the fountain spout (or ideally, bring your own water bottle and wash your hands after using the bathroom!).

Germs to Look Out ForStomach Flu
Always wash your hands, especially after using the washroom. This sickness is viral in nature and can spread easily. Keep an eye out for symptoms (nausea, headache, vomiting, fever, abdominal cramps), drink lots of fluids, and stay away from others whenever possible if you think you are sick.

Pink Eye
Red, itchy, watery eyes that can be caused by bacteria, a virus, or simple allergies. Pink eye is usually very contagious but can generally be cleared up within a day or two with saline or antibiotic eye drops.

Ear Infections
Fluid and pressure build up in the ear that can breed bacteria that may require antibiotics to kill. If your child is complaining of an itchy inner ear, have it looked at to rule out a viral infection.

Stay Healthy
Staying vigilant with germ hotspots and keeping an eye out for the early signs of sickness can go a long way to keep your children and your community healthy. In addition to these precautions, a healthy active lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise will help your immune system fend off germs as well. Germs can cause serious health issues for many people so it is important to always be aware of them and always keep the health of you, your children, and your community in mind.

Our RoleAt GenEon, our goal is to eliminate harmful germs and bacteria wherever we can and actively participate in making spaces safer for people to enjoy. Our products like the Trio Rx and the Mist have played vital roles in fighting viral outbreaks and disinfecting large areas in schools across the country. In Georgia's Paulding School District last year, the schools that used our products saw reduced absenteeism when other schools were forced to close completely. Whether you're running a preschool classroom or a medical school lab, GenEon products will help keep staff and students safe and healthy.

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