Is Your Hospital Using Chemicals That Make You Sicker than When You Walk in?

May 28, 2018 Leave a Comment

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Millions of Americans visit the hospital every year, either for a brief visit or an extended stay. In fact, most of us have been to a hospital at one time or another, either for a medical issue of our own or to visit a sick friend or loved one. Maybe we've even found ourselves in the emergency room for an unexpected illness or injury after hours. Whatever the case, a visit to the hospital is supposed to make us feel better. Unfortunately, in many cases, going to the hospital can leave us feeling worse than when we went in. Is your hospital using chemicals that make you sicker than when you walk in? There's a very good chance they are.

Woman Cleaning Hospital with Toxic Cleaning Products
Hospitals, medical clinics, doctor's offices, nursing homes, and other long- and short-term medical facilities are devoted to health. It's the business they are in. Keeping everything clean and sterile is of the utmost importance in facilities like these, and large, professional cleaning businesses are contracted to ensure these medical facilities are cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected on a regular basis. The larger the facility, the more cleaning staff there will be on hand. Hospitals have cleaning staff around the clock. Unfortunately, for all the cleaning done to help maintain a healthy environment, there are likely other problems being created that can be just as harmful to patients and staff as some of the germs that are being eliminated.

Health Risks in the Emergency RoomThere's a hidden danger that most of us never think about. Chances are pretty good you're being subjected to something even worse than cold germs. Emergency rooms are full of toxic chemicals that permeate the air and leave residue on furniture and other surfaces. The chemicals come from a seemingly good place—the cleaning solutions used by the hospital to keep the hospital clean and free of germs.

Sick Men in Hospital due to Toxic Chemicaks
These toxic chemical solutions can create a myriad of health issues you didn't have when you came to the hospital. A short emergency room visit could produce a number of short-term issues like headache, eye and throat irritation, rashes, and even respiratory issues. If you have allergies to any of these chemicals, the problem only gets worse. These are all issues in addition to the health concern that brought you to the emergency room in the first place. It happens all the time, and in most cases, no one ever equates the problem with the chemicals in the ever-present toxic cleaning solutions used by the hospital's janitorial staff. If you're in the emergency room late at night, chances are good there will be cleaning taking place while you're there, leaving you subjected to chemicals when they are at their most potent. This can intensify the effects the chemicals have on you.

Hazards of Extended Hospital StaysThe same health risks you face with a relatively short visit to the emergency room are even greater with a long-term stay in the hospital, but there are even more health concerns to contend with when you spend any significant time in the hospital. Exposure to some of the chemicals used in professional-strength cleaning products can lead to severe upper-respiratory issues. The hospital can treat those issues while you're there, but it's an added expense you wouldn't have had to deal with if you hadn't been exposed to toxic cleaners in the first place. If you spend a lot of time in the hospital, these issues could reoccur with each visit, creating not only repeated health issues, but reoccurring expense and the threat of serious long-term issues like cancer.

Although the risk of being affected by toxic chemicals in cleaning solutions is increased when you're a hospital patient and already sick, health risks are not limited to patients. Hospital staff are subjected to the same health risks on a daily basis, and the janitorial staff is at an even greater risk because they frequently come into direct contact with the products they use.

To make matters worse, many of the products used in hospitals to clean and disinfect are stronger than other professional cleaning products. Because hospitals are subjected to sickness and germs regularly, the idea of using stronger cleaning products seems to make sense. The problem is, those stronger cleaning products contain higher amounts of the various chemicals that can create more health issues than they eliminate.

Believe it or not, one of the biggest threats to human health is the scent found in cleaning products. According to a 2016 article by Prof Steinemann, published in the Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health journal, more than 99% of the population is subjected, at least once a week, to the toxins manufacturers use to make cleaning products smell good. In hospitals, not only are you subjected to these toxins through the cleaning products used on the furniture and floor, but also by products used to do the hospital linens.

Contaminated Water due to Toxic Cleaning Chemicals
Some of the toxins found in cleaning supplies:
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Bleach
  • Stabilizers (like ethylene oxide)
  • Phosphates
Toxic chemicals are used in hospitals and other medical facilities in laundry detergents, floor products, window cleaners, sanitizing products, aerosol products, and more. These products affect not only the health of humans, putting patients and staff at risk, but the environment as well. The chemicals produced by these products are released into the air and contribute to air pollution, they are flushed away or sent down drains, where they end up in our water supply, presenting dangers to our eco-system. The negative effects on the human, plant, and animal population are astronomical and only getting worse with every year that passes.

Currently, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission does not require disclosure of the ingredients for cleaning products. This means there are no regulations in place to prevent the use of products that cause such devastating concerns to our planet and everything on it. It's up to the consumers to think and act responsibly, and to affect change by making better choices in our everyday lives, both in the home, in the workplace, and by the way we dispose of the waste we manufacture through dangerous products.

GenEon is a company that does its part by creating cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products that are eco-friendly and completely safe for consumers. Our electrolytes are food-based additives classified "Generally Regarded As Safe" (GRAS) by the U.S. FDA. Our proprietary Mineral Electrolyte lets consumers use natural minerals to make cleaning solutions that are safe for the environment and cost-effective, making them the ideal solution for safer, effective cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and other places where exposure to germs is higher.

Our toxic-free cleaning solutions are generated by the user on-site, eliminating the need to store toxic chemicals and cleaning products that can present ongoing health risks. Consumers use our convenient on-site generating devices, the TRIO Rx and Immerse-A-Clean , in conjunction with our Mineral Electrolytes, to generate cleaning,sanitizing and disinfecting solutions designed to clean and disinfect without causing harm to people, animals, plants, our bodies of water, and our air quality.

GenEon's Misting DevicesGenEon also offers powerful productivity improving tool with our Mist2.5, designed to be used in conjunction with our cleaning products. Used together, there isn't a better, safer, more cost-effective way to keep hospitals and medical facilities clean and free of health risks associated with chemical exposure. Our Mist2.5 Sprayer/Blower is light, compact, and capable of delivering a spray that lets you clean, disinfect, and sanitize without coming into direct contact with any surface.

At GenEon, we are committed to protecting people and keeping the eco-system intact. Our cleaning solutions are sustainable and represent our commitment to a better way of life. For more information about GenEon technology and how we can help your hospital or medical facility present a healthier atmosphere for patients and staff, please contact us.

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