EPA Approved Disinfectants for Daycare

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EPA Disinfectants for Daycare
Daycares and other pre-elementary school institutions play a key role in our society. Today, due to the cost of living, many families make use of some form of childcare. Whether it is because there is a single parent family, or a family where both parents need to work to make ends meet, these types of facilities are important and prevalent. In fact, according to Center for American Progress, "Almost one-quarter (23.4 percent) of children under the age of five are in some form of organized child care arrangement, which includes day care centers, nurseries, and preschools." This means that many children spend a great deal of time in the care of these facilities and are at risk for the health issues they could impose. For this reason, it is essential that we understand how to best clean and disinfect daycares and other educational facilities, but what are some EPA approved disinfectants for daycare, and can we depend on them to do the job?

What Are EPA Approved Disinfectants for Daycare?

You've heard the term "green cleaning" for many years now. This means cleaning with products that are safe for the environment, safe for people, and safe for wildlife. Unfortunately, over the years, many products on the market have claimed to be "green" products and safe for the environment. Not all of those products that make these claims are as safe for the environment as they claim to be. To be sure you're getting the best cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting possible, you should look for those products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). According to the booklet "Green Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting: A Curriculum for Early Care and Education" published by the EPA, "Group care of young children provides ideal conditions for the spread of infectious disease. Children in ECE get sick more often and are hospitalized more often when they do get sick, compared to children cared for at home." This makes keeping these early care and education facilities as clean as possible crucial to the health of the children who are enrolled in them.

How Do You Find EPA Approved Disinfectants?

Here's the problem. According to the EPA, it is currently only necessary for companies to list the active ingredient chemicals in sanitizers, disinfectants, and fungicides that kill bacteria, viruses, or mold. These are the only ingredients that must be listed on the product's label, meaning many other ingredients can be left off (some of them harmful). Companies are also allowed to use buzz words like "all-natural," "non-toxic," and "green" because the use of these terms is not strictly regulated by the government. The Federal Trade Commission does have a set of guidelines for manufacturers using these buzz words, but they are infrequently enforced. Plenty of research has shown that many of the cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting products using these words have proven to contain as many, and sometimes more, toxic chemicals than products not using the terms. This inconsistent information makes it hard for consumers to find cleaning and sanitizing products that are truly safe. This includes disinfectants for daycares and other educational facilities where children will be at risk.

Toxic Disinfectants for Daycare

A Safer, More Effective Way to Clean and Disinfect Daycares

At GenEon Technologies, we care about the health of your children, your health, and the overall stability of the environment. That's why we continually strive to develop products that are safer and less toxic than conventional cleaners. We don't just develop the cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants, we've created special systems for delivering these products in an effective manner. In addition to following guidelines set forth regarding EPA approval, GenEon continues to look for ways to make our products less toxic than other sanitizing and disinfecting products. Our goal is to provide consumers with safer cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting solutions. That's why all of our products are sustainable, renewable, and EPA approved. We can confidently say our products are the safer choice for daycares and other environments where children are present.

How Are Our EPA Approved Disinfectants made? They are made by consumers using our on-site generation technology. This means consumers make only the products they need for each job, which eliminates the need to store chemicals on the premises. It's also cost effective. Our cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfecting solutions start with our proprietary Mineral Electrolyte, which lets you harness the power of natural minerals to make the cleaning, sanitizing, de-greasing, and disinfecting solutions you need in an environmentally-safe, cost-effective manner. Since our Electrolytes are food-based additives and classified by the U.S. FDA as GRAS, (Generally Regarded As Safe), they are safer for daycares and other facilities than conventional products containing harsh chemicals or "hidden" ingredients. Our products have no hidden ingredients.

The Best Disinfectant Option for Daycare Centers is Geneon

How Does GenEon On-Site Generation Work?

GenEon On-Site Generators (OSG) produces powerful cleaning, degreasing, and sanitizing solutions from minerals, water, and electricity using a technology called electrochemical activation (ECA). ere's how it works. One of the natural minerals that GenEon uses as a catalyst is salt. Salt is a compound comprised of sodium and chloride. Sodium ions are positively charged and chloride ions are negatively charged. GenEon Onsite Generators expose these ions to a low electrical charge. The positive side of the charge electrochemically converts the chloride ion (Cl) to hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which is a powerful sanitizer. The negative side of the charge electrochemically converts the sodium ion (Na) into sodium hydroxide (NaOH), which is a cleaning compound commonly found in soaps and detergents. Unlike many other OSG systems, GenEon's system is a Blended Stream System that uses both versions in the same solution. The hypochlorous solution is represented as Free Available Chlorine (FAC) that has 80-200 times the sanitizing power of chlorine bleach.

We also bring the most advanced, effective cleaning technology to the world. The Trio + and Trio Maxx systems are compact electro-chemical activation systems used with our natural mineral catalysts to make safe, sustainable cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting products. Our products are dispersed with advanced delivery systems developed to effectively cover large areas, including office buildings, schools, the workplace, cafeterias, and other areas where the public gathers. Our Mist / bMist delivery systems are perfect for cleaning large, open areas and even hard to reach areas. This misting delivery system ensures consistent distribution of our proprietary cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectants over all surfaces. Our InstaFlow system is ideal for making a high volume of our sanitizers disinfectants and cleaners to go with our delivery systems. It's compact and designed for making large quantities using Electro-Chemical Activation Technology. This system is perfect for schools, hospitals, commercial settings, and anywhere else you need a large amount of cleaning, degreasing, and sanitizing solutions daily.

If you want to be a part of keeping children healthier, the environment cleaner, and helping to sanitize the world one building at a time, contact us to learn more about our safer alternative for commercial cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting solutions. Call us at 866.217.0205 and let us introduce you to our EPA approved disinfectants for daycare and other educational facilities. We'll show you a better, safer way to clean, sanitize, and disinfect.

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