5 Reasons GenEon Customers Believe We Are the Right Choice for Safe, Eco-Friendly Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

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Happy Customers
We live in a world where we need to consider the longevity of our environment. We also need to consider how the products we use affect our health. There are always advancements in technology that often bring us benefits. Benefits include cost savings, better performance, or a quicker and safer way to do something. Unfortunately, many companies don't take consumer and environmental health into consideration when using new technologies to do age-old things. This could not be more evident than it is in the cleaning and sanitizing products industry. Many of the new cleaning and sanitizing products on the market claim to be more powerful and more effective doing what they are designed to do. Sometimes the claim is true, but very often that improved performance comes at a high cost. A lot of cleaning products contain chemicals that may improve their performance, but those chemicals can be harmful to consumers and the environment. That means that many of these products are dangerous to use and keep around the house or in the workplace.

Is There an Ideal Cleaning Solution for Better Living?Yes, there is, but first, it's important to realize that many companies will tell you they have the answer to better, cleaner and safer living. Sometimes claims are true, or partially true, and sometimes they aren't. That's because while the Federal Trade Commission (FTA) has some regulations on how "green" products can be marketed, those regulations are limited and allow companies a lot of room to play when it comes to describing their products using terms like eco-friendly, sustainable, or safe for the environment. That's because the FTA has regulations set for how long it takes something to completely degrade once its disposed of. They have thus far chosen not to set further regulations for products labeled as "green" because there are too many variations of the words and it is unclear how they are actually defined. There are companies that take advantage of this.

GenEon offers a true eco-friendly cleaning product. We don't stop with toxic-free, environmentally-safe cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting solutions. We bring you advanced technology for generating safe solutions when needed and devices to efficiently apply them. Our technology is proprietary and consistently tested to ensure the claims we make about sustainability are verified. We offer completely safe solutions for not only the environment, but for consumers and pets as well. That's one of our main goals and we take it seriously.

There's no need to "take our word for it." From home users to schools, food businesses, and many workplace and public access places worldwide, our customers are our best validation. We have customers from every walk of life who use and rely on our advanced cleaning and sanitizing to keep their homes and businesses free of germs that can cause illness, all while keeping their families, their customers, and their employees healthier and safer. In addition, they are doing it without putting extra strain on the environment.

GenEon's Product Family
At GenEon, we bring you a full line of advanced cleaning solutions and cleaning systems to fit any need. Our cleaners, sanitizers, degreasers, and disinfectants are generated by customers using our on-site generating technology. This means you only make the solutions as needed, completely eliminating any need for storing toxic chemical cleaners in your home, school, or place of business. These solutions are cost-effective because there is never any waste. They are also safe, making our solutions ideal for homes, schools, medical facilities, and public businesses. Store-bought sanitizers and cleaners, on the other hand, are costly, they can cause unexpected results when stored together, and having a variety of toxic and potentially harmful chemicals on hand can lead to issues with health, particularly if there is fume leakage, spillage, or if children are around.

With GenEon's Mineral Electrolyte, you make powerful, effective cleaners and sanitizers with energy, water, and minerals. It couldn't be easier, and it couldn't be safer. Our solutions are safe, sustainable, and effective. In conjunction with our advanced delivery systems, such as the Mist2.5, there is simply no better, more advanced way to keep your family, co-workers, pets, and the public healthier and the environment more stable. The Mist2.5 Sprayer/lets you clean, sanitize, and disinfect large open areas without needing any direct surface contact. It delivers maximum coverage with our sanitizing and disinfecting products over large areas and in hard-to-reach areas, making it ideal for any place where the concern for exposure to germs and bacteria is likely. The Mist2.5 is a perfect complement with the powerful solutions generated with our On-Site devices, such as the TRIO +, Trio Maxx, Trio Rx, InstaFlow and Immerse-A-Clean.

Our Customers Speak for UsAs previously mentioned, our customers are the best testimony we can offer regarding our solutions. They are the ones who use them, know how they work, and appreciate the health and safety value, as well as the effective cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting power we bring to the table. There are many reasons why our customers use our products and love them. Here are five:

    1. Our Solutions Are Easy to UseWhether it's the simplicity of our cleaning solutions, the easy storage, or the ease with which our advanced cleaning systems perform, ease of use is one of the big reasons our customers are happy. All of this adds up to less time spent with the cleaning process as well as substantial savings. For instance, Truett's Luau of Chick-fil-A has indicated that they use 6 traditional Rubbermaid mop buckets of floor cleaners daily. The buckets contain only a small amount of cleaner. The rest is water. At 11 gallons per bucket, the following numbers have been calculated using only 10 gallons per bucket. The reason for this is that the employees do not fill the buckets to the full 11-gallon volume. These numbers show daily, monthly, and annual water consumption just for cleaning the floors:

    Current Practice:
    10 x 6 = 60 (this is daily usage totaling 60 gallons)
    60 x 26 = 1,560 (the Luau is closed on Sundays or open 26 days/ month)
    1,560 x 12 = 18,720 (annual water consumption for floor cleaning)

    GenEon Model:
    .75 x 6 = 4.5 (daily usage of only 4.5 gallons)
    4.5 x 26 = 117 (monthly usage)
    117 x 12 = 1,404 (new annual water consumption for floor cleaning)

    ". . . With the Mist's durability and simplicity, any employee, seasoned or new, can operate the system with ease. Use of the GenEon Mist at Truett's Luau would result in a savings of 17,316 gallons of water per year. It is clear that the Mist is an acceptable and extraordinary replacement for the mop bucket . . ."
    Truetts Luau (Chick-fil-A)
    Click here to read the complete testimonial

    2. GenEon Solutions Are More Efficient and Save Time, Increasing ProductivityThe big thing about GenEon solutions is how efficient they are to work and how small the learning curve is. Our customers enjoy the fact that there is only one piece of equipment necessary for the cleaning process. According to John Palmer, Lead Custodian at Consumnes River Elementary School, ". . . Because this product allows for one piece of equipment to be used, the custodial staff are able to spend less time on individual cleaning projects, spend less time ordering supplies, use less space storing supplies, and staff can use this one product multiple times before more is needed. As a result, staff is able to complete tasks more quickly to ensure a clean and safe environment for students and staff . . ."
    Lead Custodian at Consumnes River Elementary School
    Click here to read the complete testimonial

    3. GenEon Solutions Are Safe to Use Around People, Animals, and the Environment.This really is one of the foundations of our company. Our concern for safety and health extends beyond just the people who use our solutions. We want to be a part of the future, which is why we focus on solutions that will not harm our environment or wildlife in any way, as indicated in this testimonial from Callaway Gardens. ". . . We used the solution you made to disinfect the laboratory and that worked well. We also did a couple of trials to test if it is lethal for the butterflies. It is not, even when applied directly, so the solution looks like it will be effective and harmless to the butterflies. . . ."
    Manager at Callaway Gardens in Georgia
    Click here to read the complete testimonial

    4. GenEon's Solutions Effectively Eliminate Odors and GermsNot only are our solutions safe for the environment, they are powerful and effective enough to completely eliminate even the worse odors and minimize or prevent the spread of viruses that can make people sick. According to the Manager of Environmental Services of Westminster School in Atlanta, "I am writing this letter to share some interesting findings. For the past few years during football and wrestling season we had some issues with odors in the locker room and a few cases of staph infections. I am pleased to announce that this year we were able to remove the odors and did not have any cases of staph. This was made possible by the purchasing of the GenEon Trio and the spraying machine (Mist Sprayer). We simply developed a weekly routine of spraying our wrestling and weight rooms along with the showers and were able to keep bacteria and germs from spreading. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who may have the same challenges that I was having, it works."
    Manager of Environmental Services at the Westminster Schools in Atlanta
    Click here to read the complete testimonial

    5. GenEon Solutions Save MoneyBudgets are important for businesses as well as for schools, where budgets are always being cut. That's why so many of our customers love the fact that using GenEon solutions allow them to save money while staying safe and looking out for the environment. According to John Palmer, lead custodian of Consumnes River Elementary School, ". . . the GenEon Cleaning System is cost-effective. During this time of severe budget cuts, it is important for the EGUSD to save money in any area that it can. As noted earlier, this one piece of equipment provides multiple uses. This saves the EGUSD money by reducing the costs of supplies and the amount of time staff needed to complete tasks . . ."
    Lead Custodian at Consumnes River Elementary School
    Click here to read the complete testimonial

We could give you testimonials from our satisfied customers all day. They are a source of pride for us here at GenEon, and a big part of why we do what we do. If you're looking for an alternative to commercial cleaning solutions that claim to be eco-friendly with no real back to their claims, or if you want an alternative to a cabinet full of chemically-enhanced cleaners, GenEon has the advanced cleaning solutions you're looking for. Browse our website and see how we can be a part of your passion for the environment. For more information, give us a call at 866.217.0205

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