Best of all! My staff loves it! The solutions work as well or better than anything they have ever used.

— Tommy Little, Georgia Institute of Technology

Switching to GenEon's cleaners has lowered our sick day costs for replacement workers by $185,000 over 2 years!

— Syd Portman, Saanich Schools

"Cosumnes River Elementary School (CRES) is pleased to have been chosen to for the pilot program to test the effectiveness of the GenEon Cleaning System. This product has proven to be effective in cleanliness, efficiency, and cost-savings.

The GenEon Cleaning System is an effective multipurpose cleaner. The custodial staff reports that they are able to clean the school environment using one, easy to use piece of equipment. Unlike harsh cleansers, the GenEon Cleaning System is "green", allowing staff to clean without being bothered by chemical smells or having to worry much about chemical burns or accidents. In addition, the school children and staff are able to work in a clean environment without the strong after-effects of chemical cleansers.

Because this product allows for one piece of equipment to be used, the custodial staff are able to spend less time on individual cleaning projects, spend less time ordering supplies, use less space storing supplies, and staff can use this one product multiple times before more is needed. As a result, staff is able to complete tasks more quickly to ensure a clean and safe environment for students and staff.

Lastly, the GenEon Cleaning System is cost-effective. During this time of severe budget cuts, it is important for the EGUSD to save money in any area that it can. As noted earlier, this one piece of equipment provides multiple uses. This saves the EGUSD money by reducing the costs of supplies and the amount of time staff needed to complete tasks."

— John Palmer, Lead Custodian, Cosumnes River Elementary School

"We installed out first Insta-Flow a little over two months ago at Springdale Park E.S. The building is cleaned by in-house staff during the day and contracted custodial staff at night. We held a meeting with both groups after the 2 month mark. Our in-house staff loved all the chemicals (couldn't say enough about the glass cleaner) and said that the Insta-Flow chemicals performed better than the chemicals we were previously providing. The contracted staff supported the claims of our in-house staff; they love the chemicals.

Our in-house staff also commented on how the chemicals didn't dry their skin out.

We are testing an additional unit at another school with a different set of in-house and contracted staff. If we achieve the same results we will be rolling this out to the entire district."

— Richard Ernst, Director - Facilities Maintenance & Operations, A

"Truett's Luau of Chick-fil-A has indicated that they use 6 traditional Rubbermaid mop buckets of floor cleaners each day. These buckets contain only a minute amount of cleaner and the rest is water. At holding 11 gallons per bucket, the following numbers have been calculated using only 10 gallons per bucket. The reason for this is that the employees do not fill the buckets to the full 11 gallon volume. These numbers show daily, monthly and annual water consumption for only cleaning floors.

Current Practice:
10 x 6 = 60 (this is daily usage totalling 60 gallons)
60 x 26 = 1,560 (the Luau is closed on Sundays or open 26 days/ month)
1,560 x 12 = 18,720 (annual water consumption for floor cleaning)

GenEon Model
.75 x 6 = 4.5 (daily usage of only 4.5 gallons)
16026 University Oak, San Antonio, TX 78249
www.geneontechnologies.com | 866.217.0205
4.5 x 26 = 117 (monthly usage)
117 x 12 = 1,404 (new annual water consumption for floor cleaning)

The GenEon Model was configured using the GenEon Mist and its ability to dispense cleaners to be used on the floor. With the tank holding about ¾ of a gallon of solution, it can be seen that the difference in waste water and cost will be significant. To make the comparison seem as even as possible, the GenEon model was calculated using 6 Mist tanks full of cleaner, even though it is believed it would require less. As the process for cleaning the floors is to simply put down the cleaner, deck brush the area and then finally squeegee dry the floor, the Mist is the ideal tool to be used in this application. Because the floor only needs to be wet enough to cover the surface it is much more economical than the current method which wastes far more water than necessary. With the Mists durability and simplicity, any employee, seasoned or new, can operate the system with ease. Use of the GenEon Mist at Truett's Luau would result in a savings of 17,316 gallons of water per year. It is clear that the Mist is an acceptable and extraordinary replacement for the mop bucket."

— Truetts Luau (Chick fil A)

"...wanted to tell you that we here at Emory University were so appreciative of your work and efforts to put the "Immerse A Clean" clean machine in our hands in our hour of need during a recent outbreak of Norovirus on our campus. The disinfectant that this produced as well as the foggers we ordered from you helped us make sure that relatively small outbreak that we had, remained that way and was pushed back very quickly. Though we used this technology to augment our usual cleaning regiment so cannot say conclusively that its effect was what directly attributed to our quelling this outbreak as rapidly as we did; I will go back to my many years of experience in healthcare and numerous outbreaks that I was a part of taking care of to say that I have not seen an outbreak like this one reduced and eventually eliminated as quickly as this was.

Please accept our sincerest gratitude for your help!!"

— Stephen Branch, Director of Building and Residential Services, E

"I know you're going to think that I'm being sarcastic, but I'm really not. I SO appreciate all you and your staff do to make our school a clean and nice place to be. Last year we had SO many students absent this time of year. I can tell a BIG difference in attendance this year, especially this week. There aren't as many big illnesses going around, and definitely not as many runny-nosed kids. Keep up the good work because what you're doing is working! I LOVE your fog machine!"

— Classroom teacher to Ralph Kelly, Custodial Supervisor, Paulding

I am writing this letter to share some interesting findings, I am the Manager of Environmental Services at the Westminster Schools in Atlanta. For the past few years during football and wrestling season we had some issues with odors in the locker room and a few cases of staph infections. I am pleased to announce that this year we were able to remove the odors and did not have any cases of staph. This was made possible by the purchasing of the GenEon Trio and the fogging machine. We simply developed a weekly routine of fogging our wrestling and weight rooms along with the showers and were able to keep bacteria and germs from spreading.

I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who may have the same challenges that I was having, it works.

— Larry Smith, Manager of Env. Srv., The Westminster School

"Safe for Butterflies

As you know, with any new products there are a myriad of questions you receive that you don't know the answers to. When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing technology, one of the first ones you get is 'is it safe?' I am sure all of you can relate to that question. When the Sales Representative with SouthEast Link presented the GenEon TRIO to Michael Buckman, the manager at Callaway Gardens in GA, he was most concern with whether the product was safe to use with his butterflies. Up to this point he had not found a product he could use. If the habitat had to be cleaned, the butterflies had to be removed; this as you can guess is time consuming process and stressful to the butterflies. The sales rep knew that Michael was looking for a solution, and made a batch of the sanitizer for the sales call. During the call he explained the benefits of the TRIO and he left the pre-made solution in a spray bottle for Michael.

Michael decided to give the TRIO sanitizing solution a try. Below is an excerpt from an email he sent to the Sales Rep "… I used the solution you made for me to disinfect the laboratory and that worked well. I also did a couple of trials to test if it is lethal for the butterflies. It is not… even when applied directly. So the solution looks like it will be effective and harmless to the butterflies. I am interested in purchasing it …"
The TRIO is a powerful and safe to be used. As you can see from the excerpt above, even butterflies that are extremely sensitive to most chemicals are not harmed by TRIO solution."

— Syd Williams

GenEon Field Test

"While trying to get answers from the crew on how well the GenEon products have been working. I've been getting answers like, "It works well", "I like it", "It smells good". Nobody has been giving comparisons on how works compared to the chemicals that we have been using. I've been looking into things that will be difficult to clean and show the worth of the generated green chemicals from GenEon.

Paul2CeilingWhile at home I found the perfect testing grounds. A kitchen ceiling with grease from the stove, smoke from a wood burning fireplace, and smokers in the house.

I started by spraying the GenEon HD Degreaser directly on the ceiling, within seconds I watched the dirt, grease, and smoke emulsify in the liquid, and I was able to just wipe it away with a microfiber towel. It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to cleaning chemicals, I've been working with them most of my career, but this generated green chemical truly impressed me.

In the past, I've had to tape off all the wood, mix up some TSP put down tarps and clean the ceiling. Then I would have to seal the ceiling with primer, and paint a final coat, remove all tarps and tape.

Using the GenEon HD Degreaser saved me about two days of extra work and time. It took off all the dirt, grease, and smoke right down to the paint. When done the ceiling looked like it had just been painted.

This chemical reminds me of the chemical that I've used to clean acoustical tiles in the past without the harmful effects."

— Paul W. Bluege, ES Inventory Supervisor, Ho-Chunk Gaming

Do You Have a Story to Share? At GenEon we are always looking for interesting stories to share with your fellow Sales Professionals, Distributors, Customers and the World-at-Large! If you have a story you'd like to share about the any of the GenEon family of products, a problem they have solved, or a unique manner in which they were used to great result, we would love to hear from you!
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