The Immerse-a-Clean™ Wand

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The Immerse-a-Clean™ Wand
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Solutions from GenEon Technologies' innovative and portable Immerse-A-Clean allow users to generate the right solution for the job every time. The 'truly' flexible Immerse-A-Clean can be wall mounted, connected to your scrubber or extractor or even used in remote areas in places with no electrical or access to running water.

The Immerse-A-Clean generates solutions for cleaning, degreasing, sanitizing / disinfecting, carpet cleaning, or floor prep - without toxicity and without breaking the budget. The Immerse-A-Clean can truly be used anytime and anywhere whether it's connected to a power outlet or running off its internal battery.

One Device. All the SolutionsPortable, Handheld Electro-Chemical Activation / Electrolyzing Technology for Making Cleaning, Degreasing, Sanitizing, Disinfecting and Ionization Solutions On Demand.
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Proven ResultsWhy The Immerse-A-Clean™ Wand
  • Portable.
  • Does not require electrical or plumbing.
  • Truly sustainable cleaning.
  • Reduces cost.
  • Increases safety for staff and guests.
  • Sanitizing/Disinfecting Solutions will quickly and effectively destroy harmful germs.
  • Low to NO VOC.
  • Eliminates need for storing large amounts of chemicals.
  • Configurable for large volume users.
Where is it used?GenEon's Immerse-A-Clean can support a wide variety of industries including:

Schools, Universities, Daycares, Janitorial, Environmental Service, Veterinary, Food Service, Medical/Healthcare, Commercial Food Production, Dairy Production, Hospitality/Lodging/Cruise Ships, and many more.

Its portability allows for use in areas with no electrical outlets or running water.

Innovative SolutionsHow it WorksThe Immerse-A-Wand™ simply, safely, and effectively provides all the solutions you need to clean, degrease, sanitize and disinfect the environments in which you live, work and play anytime, anywhere - even without a power outlet. The Immerse-A-Wand, can be plugged into a wall outlet, connected to the batteries of a scrubber or extractor, or use its own on board battery pack, thus allowing you the flexibility of making cleaning, degreasing, sanitizing, or disinfecting solution anytime or anywhere! GenEon's on-site production technology provides a competitive advantage in terms of product efficiency, eco-friendliness, and simplicity. Every aspect of GenEon's products benefits customers in unparalleled ways.

Glass & General Purpose When the Glass and General Purpose Catalyst is activated it produces a cleaner that is effective as the leading Glass and GP Cleaners per TURI.

Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaner When GenEon's Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaning Catalyst is activated it produces a cleaner that is effective against hard to clean spoilage per TURI.

Sanitizer/Disinfectant When GenEon Sanitizing/Disinfecting Electrolyte is activated it produces a solution that is effective against a host of germs.

Carpet and Upholstery CleaningWhen GenEon's Carpet-Gen Catalyst is activated, it produces a solution that is effective at cleaning and restoring your carpet and upholstery appearance.

Deep Cleaning Floor PrepWhen GenEon's Gen-Prep Catalyst is activated it produces a solution that is effective at deep cleaning and prepping for the refinishing of VCT floors.
What Others Are Saying

"We installed out first Insta-Flow a little over two months ago at Springdale Park E.S. The building is cleaned by in-house staff during the day and contracted custodial staff at night. We held a meeting with both groups after the 2 month mark. Our in-house staff loved all the chemicals (couldn't say enough about the glass cleaner) and said that the Insta-Flow chemicals performed better than the chemicals we were previously providing. The contracted staff supported the claims of our in-house staff; they love the chemicals.

Our in-house staff also commented on how the chemicals didn't dry their skin out.

We are testing an additional unit at another school with a different set of in-house and contracted staff. If we achieve the same results we will be rolling this out to the entire district."

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