Second Strain of COVID

January 15, 2021 Leave a Comment

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As with many viruses, COVID-19 has begun to mutate. The variant, which appears to have started in the UK, has now begun making its way to the United States, coupled with another strain that is now prevalent in South Africa, independent of the UK. Little is known about these new strains of COVID-19 or the effects it will have on us, but one thing is clear, COVID-19 isn't going away anytime soon. Even with a vaccine available, being aware of our surroundings and staying healthy will continue to be a priority. Experts have even warned that other viral outbreaks are imminent due in large part to the changing environments and the closer proximity of humans to animals.

Man Wearing a Face Mask on a Bus Concerned About COVID-19
While there is little data available on the new strains of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other health organizations continue to issue warnings and guidelines regarding public safety. COVID numbers continue to rise, especially with cooler weather and a percentage of the population not following guidelines. The CDC and other health experts continue to push social distancing, masks, and frequent handwashing. As we learn more about the second strain of COVID-19, these guidelines will continue to be promoted.

Cleanliness of Your Surroundings

As always, making sure your surroundings are clean and sanitized is the first step in helping to reduce the threat of germs, viruses, and bacteria. Schools, daycares, long-term care facilities, medical facilities, rental property, office buildings, malls, restaurants and bars, gyms and sports facilities, and other areas where the public gathers need to be kept as clean and safe as possible. That means practicing a regular cleaning and sanitizing routine as outlined by the CDC. These guidelines apply not only to COVID but to the flu and other viruses as well.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) further promotes the use of products that don't contain harsh chemicals, particularly in school settings where children are most susceptible to the negative impact of chemical-based cleaning products. Schools and other facilities that employ a janitorial staff are known to use commercial-grade products that contain a higher volume of chemicals. An EPA guide titled Green Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting: A Curriculum for Early Care and Education states that "In the US, researchers estimate that 5% of childhood cancer and 30% of childhood asthma are related to chemical exposures." Many of these are occurring in our school systems. The effects of chemical cleaners also harm the air we breathe and our water supplies, which in turn helps contribute to the factors that can be traced to viral outbreaks and increased risk of pandemic situations.

Mean Wearing PPE Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting School Desks

GenEon Offers a Better Way

At GenEon, we've spent years working on ways to keep the places we live, work, and play clean and sanitized. Furthermore, we've focused on accomplishing this while keeping our environment safe. Our cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products are made using nothing more than water, electricity, and natural minerals to bring our Users a sustainable approach to cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. We do this with a process is called Electrochemical Activation (ECA). Here's how it works. One of the natural minerals that GenEon uses as a catalyst is salt. Salt is a compound comprised of sodium and chloride. Sodium ions are positively charged and chloride ions are negatively charged. GenEon Onsite Generators expose these ions to a low electrical charge. The positive side of the charge electrochemically converts the chloride ion (Cl) to hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which is a powerful sanitizer. The negative side of the charge electrochemically converts the sodium ion (Na) into sodium hydroxide (NaOH), which is a cleaning compound commonly found in soaps and detergents. Unlike many other OSG systems, GenEon's system is a Blended Stream System that uses both versions in the same solution. The hypochlorous solution is represented as Free Available Chlorine (FAC) that has 80-200 times the sanitizing power of chlorine bleach. Since it is produced at a near-neutral pH, it won't bleach out furniture or clothes. This is called electrolyzed water.

Scientist Looking Into a Microscope Researching the Best Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting Solutions for GenEon
Our products are created by Users using our on-site generation technology like our Instaflow, which allows for generating high-volume cleaning, degreasing, and sanitizing products as needed. This results in less waste and eliminates the need to store potentially toxic chemical products in your facility. The InstaFlow is compact and convenient, making it an ideal choice for your current custodial staff to use.

Advanced systems like our Mist allow for easy distribution of our cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products over large open spaces and hard-to-reach areas that are frequently forgotten about or overlooked. Unlike traditional disinfecting products, ECA products take only seconds to kill most viruses, including E.coli, MRSA, and norovirus. It accomplishes this without emitting harmful VOCs, toxic fumes, or leaving behind any chemical residue. Most chemical-based products take up to ten minutes and can be harmful to users, especially those who use them regularly.

The choice is clear. GenEon's safe cleaners and non-toxic sanitizers and disinfectants provide a better way to sanitizing and disinfect our surroundings. To learn how you can get GenEon into your facility, fill out the form here on our website. One of our representatives will be happy to get back to you.

GenEon's Complete Line of Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting Products
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