Toxic-Free Sanitizer

Are you looking for a toxic free sanitizer? GenEon has the best toxic free sanitizers on the market. That's because at GenEon, we have made it our mission to help keep consumers safe while protecting the environment. It's no secret that many commercial cleaning and sanitizing products can pose a threat to the environment. Many of them contain harmful chemicals that make them dangerous for consumers. The truth is, sanitizing products don't need to contain all the harmful chemicals they do to work effectively. That's why we specialize in toxic free sanitizers and safe cleaners.

GenEon sanitizing products are made using our on-site generation technology. This is a great way to create toxic free sanitizers and other cleaning and disinfecting products. On-site generation lets our customers make the toxic free sanitizer and safe cleaning products using nothing more than water, natural minerals, and electricity. Since the cleaning and sanitizing products are made by consumers as needed, it saves money because there is less waste. On-site generation also means there's no need to store potentially harmful chemical-based sanitizers. Our toxic free sanitizer provides even more sanitizing power than traditional products with less risk.

GenEon's Solutions
In addition to our toxic free sanitizer, we carry advanced delivery systems that are perfect for commercial use. Our advanced delivery systems let you disperse our toxic free sanitizer effectively and evenly over large, open areas and in small, hard-to reach areas. This means you can safely and effectively clean and sanitize schools, malls, medical facilities, gymnasiums, public restrooms, spas, office buildings, community living complexes, and anywhere else where germs and bacteria are present. The combination of our toxic free sanitizer and our advanced cleaning systems means you can keep any area clean in a more cost-effective manner with less risk to consumers, pets, and the environment.

Are you looking for toxic free sanitizer? Do you want to find a way to clean, disinfect, and sanitize while saving money and doing your part for the environment? GenEon has the solution you're looking for. Call us at 866.217.0205. We'll be happy to introduce you to our toxic free sanitizer and our advanced cleaning systems.

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