Senior Living Disinfection

Do you want the best technology to make senior living disinfection safer? GenEon Technologies has what you need to surpass the standards expected for senior living facilities.

The senior community is among the most vulnerable to the harmful effects of germs, viruses, and bacteria. Infectious diseases carry many risks, but they are especially dangerous in nursing homes and other senior living facilities. This is why you should only go for the safest choice when it comes to senior living disinfection. A disinfecting system that's eco-friendly and chemical-free is just what you need to maintain a safe space within long-term centers, retirement homes, and other senior living facilities.

Senior Living Facility Senior living disinfection entails the creation of a hygienic environment where the elderly can live comfortably and undisturbed. Cleaning products are often infused with nitrogen, ammonia, artificial fragrances, and other toxic chemicals that remain in the air long after the products have been used, creating new health risks while failing to kill all the germs in the area. To safeguard the elderly community and provide true senior living disinfection, you need the highest cleaning, degreasing, disinfecting, and sanitizing power.

GenEon has perfected the most effective system to improve senior living disinfection on all ends. With our on-site generation technology, you can create the most powerful disinfecting solutions to kill 99.999% of common germs in a matter of seconds. You can remove the health risks that traditional cleaners bring on the senior residents and health care workers, custodians, and other staff members. Using only water and natural minerals, GenEon provides the power to kill the germs and bacteria that usually dwell in health care facilities, including Listeria, MRSA, Staph, VRE, Pseudomonas, Norovirus, H1N1, Salmonella, and E.coli O157:H7. We make sure you have the means to protect senior residents from contagious diseases, giving you the chance to create the most reliable products for senior living disinfection on-site.

A Man's Hand With GenEon's solutions, you can maintain the highest senior living disinfection standards in all rooms and medical stations without reducing productivity or increasing the risks on your cleaning staff. This also includes multiple communal areas where most daily activities take place, so residents can remain without being exposed to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) left by chemical cleaning products.

Our products are the safest way to help the people under your care. If you want to learn more about what GenEon Technology has to offer for senior living disinfection, you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Our specialists will be happy to answer all your questions.
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