School Sanitizing Solution

Are you looking for a school sanitizing solution? GenEon has exactly what you need to help reduce the germs and bacteria in your school without putting at risk the people you want to keep safe. GenEon has been in the business of safe cleaners and non-toxic sanitizers and disinfectants for years. We've also developed advanced systems for applying our EPA-registered products safely and effectively. GenEon Cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants are made using nothing more than water, electricity, and natural minerals, resulting in a solution that is sustainable, safe for people and pets, and not harmful to the environment. The resulting solution has 80-200 times the sanitizing power of chlorine bleach without the dangers found in chemical-based products. This means our school sanitizing and disinfecting solutions are great for sanitizing and disinfecting every surface in your school, providing you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you've gone above and beyond to keep your students and faculty safe.

GenEon's School Sanitizing Solution
Our advanced school sanitizing and disinfecting solution includes on-site generation technology, which lets you make sanitizing and disinfecting products as needed. Our on-site generation technology includes InstaFlow, a compact high-volume Electro-Chemical Activation Technology for making cleaning, degreasing, and sanitizing solutions on-demand, and our Trio Rx, which makes an EPA Registered Broad Spectrum disinfectant that is effective against a host of pathogens including Human Coronavirus. This technology allows you to make only the sanitizing and disinfecting products you need, which results in less waste and eliminates the need to store potentially harmful chemical-based products in your school.

The Mist is an advanced delivery system that lets you apply our school sanitizing and disinfecting solution to every surface in your school, including wide-open areas and places that are typically hard to reach and often overlooked or forgotten about. All of these components are part of a school sanitizing and disinfecting solution that gives will provide peace of mind and security to parents sending their children to school.

If you want to learn more about our school sanitizing and disinfecting solution, fill out the form here on our website. A GenEon representative will be happy to tell you how you can make GenEon a part of your school's sanitizing and disinfecting routine.
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