School Cleaning

Are you looking for school cleaning products that you know won't be harmful to the students who attend school every day? You've found what you're looking for. GenEon is the leader in safe cleaners and non-toxic sanitizers and disinfectants for school cleaning routines. That's because our top priority is to offer cleaning products that let consumers clean, sanitize, and disinfect without harming people or the planet. Our products, made using nothing more than water, electricity, and natural minerals, are ideal for school cleaning, cleaning in the workplace, cleaning at home, and suitable for hospital and medical facility cleaning.

GenEon's School Cleaning Products Allows Consumers to Clean Safely
According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) school guidance, about "55 million students and 7 million staff attend the more than 130,000 public and private schools in the United States." Throughout the year, and especially during flu season, more than 32 million kids have missed school yearly because of the flu. The CDC suggests that schools implementing a strict cleaning and sanitizing routine can "help protect one-fifth of the country's population from flu." This is because schools are a breeding ground for the flu and other communicable diseases. Parents often send their kids to school sick, which intensifies the spread, making it more important than ever to have a school cleaning routine that includes sanitizing and disinfecting.

Proper School Cleaning Helps Protect People from the Flu
GenEon products are made using on-site generation technology. This allows school janitors to create the products as needed, which means less waste. That's a significant cost saving to your school cleaning budget each year. It also means there's no need to store potentially harmful chemical-based products at your school that could pose a danger to students. The cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting products made using GenEon's on-site generation technology are capable of killing 99.999% of the common germs and bacteria found in schools, including influenza, norovirus, MRSA, and many others. With GenEon's safe cleaning products and toxic-free sanitizing and disinfecting products, you can combat germs and bacteria with products that leave behind no chemical residue and emit no harmful VOCs. That means you'll have the safest school cleaning routine possible.

Call us at 866.217.0205 to learn how you can make GenEon cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting systems a part of your school cleaning today. We'll be happy to assist you.

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