Sanitizing Solutions

Are you looking for sanitizing solutions that are effective and safer for the environment? Look no further than GenEon, where we are always working to develop and promote sanitizing solutions that are less toxic than other commercial sanitizing solutions, safer for people, and safer for the environment. At GenEon, safety and effectiveness are at the top of our list. That's why we are so confident about the safer cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products we offer for both home and commercial use.

GenEon Has the Safest and Most Eco-Friendly Sanitizing Solutions
So many of today's products contain harmful, toxic chemicals that are a big threat to the environment, people, and pets. There are many companies that make huge claims about how safe their products are. Many of these companies toss around buzz words like "green" and eco-friendly," but all you need to do is take a look at the ingredients in the product to know that not all of their claims are legitimate. Many of these "non-toxic" products are filled with dangerous chemicals that can either be harmful immediately or can pose threats over time. Also, only active ingredients in sanitizing solutions and other cleaning products need to be listed on the product label. Manufacturers are not required to list all of the ingredients on cleaning product labels, which means buzz words like "natural," and "green" can be used freely. There is little government monitoring of sanitizing solutions and products that make spectacular claims about safety. This means that many sanitizing solutions that claim to be safe are actually not.

Many Sanitizing Solutions Claiming Sustainability Can Still Contain Harmful Chemicals
At GenEon, we make sanitizing solutions that truly are safer. Our products really are safer for the environment and people. Our efforts to create true non-toxic sanitizing solutions have produced cost-effective cleaning and sanitizing solutions that are safer and less-toxic than other products on the market. Our products use water and HOCl, which is a compound produced in the human body. HOCl mimics the human body's production of the natural antimicrobial hypochlorous acid, synthesized by white blood cells, which offers a safe, non-hazardous solution for cleaning and sanitizing. Studies have also shown that hypochlorous acid poses no threat to humans, pets, or the environment at the concentrations produced by GenEon Technologies.

GenEon's on-site generation technology lets consumers create sanitizing solutions as needed, meaning there is no need to keep a bunch of toxic cleaners on hand. Our on-site generation technology also means you get cost-effective cleaning and sanitizing solutions. When you are looking for safer sanitizing solutions that are less toxic than options you can find on store shelves, call GenEon at 866.217.0205. Let us show you how you can clean, disinfect, and sanitize in a safer and more effective way.

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