Professional School Cleaning

Are you looking for professional school cleaning products? GenEon has the answer you're looking for. At GenEon, we are as concerned as you are about the safety of our children. That's why we have developed safe cleaning products, toxic-free sanitizers and disinfectants that are perfect for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting anywhere our children congregate. Too many schools are using toxic chemical-based cleaning products and exposing our children to them on a regular basis. These chemical-based cleaners can cause many health issues that range from allergic reactions and breathing issues to cancer.

Schools Are Using Toxic Chemical-based Cleaning Products and Exposing our Children to Them
According to an Environmental Protection Agency pamphlet entitled Green Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting: A Curriculum for Early Care and Education, "Young children are particularly sensitive to the effects of toxic chemicals." The report goes on to state that in the U.S., researchers estimate that "5% of childhood cancer and 30% of childhood asthma are related to chemical exposures." Many of these are a result of using cleaning products that are laced with dangerous chemicals.

GenEon believes in professional school cleaning products and systems that provide safe, toxic-free, and effective cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting for environments where our children spend the majority of their time. Our professional school cleaning products are made using water, natural minerals, and electricity, yet they are 80 to 200 times more powerful than bleach and capable of killing most germs and bacteria in seconds. This includes nasty germs like E.coli, MRSA and norovirus. Our professional school cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products won't leave behind chemical residue and don't emit harmful fumes or VOCs with.

GenEon's OSG Technology Creates Environmentally-Friendly Products
GenEon also carries professional school cleaning products like on-site generation technology that allows consumers to create our environmentally-friendly products on-premise, saving on yearly cleaning costs and eliminating the need to store harmful chemical-based cleaners in the school. We also have advanced cleaning systems capable of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting both hard-to-reach places and wide-open spaces, making them perfect for your school.

Are you looking for professional school cleaning options that are safe for our kids? Give us a call at 866.217.0205 and let us help you get GenEon pinto your school. You can also fill out the form here on the website for more information. We look forward to helping you find professional school cleaning products that make a difference.

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