Trio H2Ome

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Trio H2Ome
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Price: $197.00
The environmentally friendly and convenient Trio H2Ome generates cleaning solutions usable as a Sanitizer, a Glass and General Purpose Cleaner, and a Heavy-Duty Cleaner and Degrease. Great for cleaning kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and playrooms.

Try & Buy Program: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
A gift that really makes a difference
How it Works
Step 1:
Put catalyst in cleaning bottle
Step 2:
Add tap water
Step 3:
Out With The Old, In With The New It's time to drain the ol' blue stuff. You know what we're talking about.the old traditional cleaner we keep hidden from kids and makes our hands all wrinkly and prune like. Yeah that stuff. Imagine the effect on our environment!

A bunch of smart people came together and figured out a new way to clean homes. A safe and healthy way. The way of the future. The Trio H2Ome gives you a nontoxic cleaner for all surfaces including:
  • Counter tops,
  • cutting boards,
  • bathroom surfaces
  • and even carpet cleaning.
Fresh, clean and bright will be the superior result each time - giving you a healthier tomorrow, today! Pretty smart, right?

Impressive Results When used as directed the Trio H2Ome solution kills harmful bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria. The University of Georgia recently did a study and found that the GenEon's Sanitizing solution was effective at killing E.coli and Salmonella on tomatoes and lettuce at a log5 level in 30 seconds. In case you're wondering.that's really fast.

The University of Mass, Lowell Toxic Use Reduction Institute (TURI), did a study which demonstrated that GenEon's solutions work just as well or better than the leading chemicals on the market. Without the harmful side effects of traditional chemical cleaners and sanitizers (the ol' blue stuff).

The Price is Right NSF certified, the Trio H2Ome comes with an ample supply of GenEon supplements to clean your entire home for up to 2 years without ever ordering more!

Where to Use GenEon Solutions
What Others Are Saying

"We installed out first Insta-Flow a little over two months ago at Springdale Park E.S. The building is cleaned by in-house staff during the day and contracted custodial staff at night. We held a meeting with both groups after the 2 month mark. Our in-house staff loved all the chemicals (couldn't say enough about the glass cleaner) and said that the Insta-Flow chemicals performed better than the chemicals we were previously providing. The contracted staff supported the claims of our in-house staff; they love the chemicals.

Our in-house staff also commented on how the chemicals didn't dry their skin out.

We are testing an additional unit at another school with a different set of in-house and contracted staff. If we achieve the same results we will be rolling this out to the entire district."

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