Study Conducted in a Dental Facility Shows GenEon Technologies' Products Significantly Reduce Air And Surface Contaminants

A recent study by the DENTAL ADVISOR Microbiology Research Center found that the Trio Rx and the MIST, popular disinfecting products by GenEon Technologies, resulted in a significant reduction of bacteria in the air and on surfaces in high-risk areas when the products are used together. The TRIO Rx is a compact, on-site generating system that creates a cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing hypochlorous acid solution greater than 1000 ppm. The MIST is a handheld sprayer/blower with an adjustable flow rate that is filled with the disinfecting solution produced by the TRIO Rx™, allowing for contactless cleaning and disinfecting in three minutes or less. The study was conducted at a medical facility after clinical aerosol-generating procedures had been performed with six different patients. The data was analyzed, and the numbers on the samples collected were significantly lower on surfaces and in the air after GenEon's disinfecting solution and the MIST had been used to disinfect the room.
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