Electrolyzed Water

Are you looking for electrolyzed water for the purpose of cleaning? GenEon is the leader in electrolyzed water for cleaning, sanitizing, and degreasing products. Not only are cleaning products made with electrolyzed water safe and non-toxic, they are effective as well. At GenEon, our products are made using on-site generation, which means consumers make the products they need on premise. Because customers make only the product needed for any given job, there is less waste and savings in cost. Using electrolyzed water cleaning and sanitizing solutions also means consumers do not have to keep harmful chemicals on-site, eliminating the risks inherent with commercial cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals.

GenEon's Safe and Non-Toxic Solutions
From the beginning, GenEon has focused on products that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and safe. Our goal has always been to deliver cleaning and disinfecting products that are cost-effective and work even better than the products found on store shelves. The big difference is that those products found on store shelves often contain harsh and dangerous chemicals that can harm the environment and are potentially a health risk to consumers and their pets. The aim of GenEon is to continue to make the best electrolyzed water cleaning products using on-site generation technology. Today, GenEon provides superior cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting solutions for both commercial and residential settings, making us the leader in electrolyzed water for cleaning and on-site generation technology.

GenEon's Products Used in Commercial and Residential Settings
If you have been looking for the best electrolyzed water cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfecting products, look no further than GenEon. Our On-site generation technology lets you create safe cleaning products and non-toxic sanitizers and disinfectants. Thanks to our advanced delivery systems we give you the best option for cleaning and sanitizing anywhere. Call us at 866.217.0205 and let us introduce you to electrolyzed water cleaner and its many benefits.

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