Electrochemically Activated Water

Have you been looking for electrochemically activated water systems for making cleaning products that are safer than those chemically-enhanced cleaning products found on store shelves? Your search ends here. That's because GenEon is the leader in cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products made using safe electrochemically activated water. All GenEon cleaning products start with electrochemically activated water (ECA). The technology has been around for decades. Simply put, ECA uses salt, water, and electricity to produce products that can replace cleaners, degreasers, window cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectants. In fact, ECA can reduce your use of the chemicals found in traditional cleaners by over 50 percent. This means cleaning products that won't harm people, pets, or the environment. Since these safe electrochemically activated water cleaning products are made using a technology called on-site generation, consumers are able to save money by creating their products as needed. This also eliminates the need to store an array of potentially harmful cleaning products on site.

Electrochemically Activated Water
How exactly does electrochemically activated water work? One of the natural minerals GenEon uses as a catalyst is salt. Salt is a compound comprised of sodium and chloride. With ECA, sodium ions are positively charged and chloride ions are negatively charged. Our onsite generators expose these ions to a low electrical charge. The positive side of the charge electrochemically converts the chloride ion (Cl) to hocl, which is a powerful disinfectant. The negative side of the charge electrochemically converts the sodium ion (Na) into sodium hydroxide (NaOH), which is a cleaning compound commonly found in soaps and detergents. Unlike many other OSG systems, our system uses a Blended Stream System using both versions in the same solution. The hypochlorous solution is represented as Free Available Chlorine (FAC) that has 80-200 times the sanitizing power of chlorine bleach. This is called electrolyzed water for cleaning, or electrochemically activated water for cleaning. ECA and OSG are a winning combination when it comes to green cleaning and sustainability, and GenEon is the leader in both areas.

GenEon Vs Chlorine
To learn more about our advanced cleaning systems and electrochemically activated water cleaning solutions, call us at (866) 217-0205. GenEon is leading the way to a safer, cost-effective and sustainable way to clean.

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